Digitally Defining the Museum’s Brand

Read more about the Website Redesign as well as the updated Museum Shop Website.

Editorial Photography 

Images art directed by myself and Kyle Obriot. Final photographs taken by Aidan Fitzgerald and Jonathan Mathias. 
A major update we looked to make for the website redesign was to take a suite of new imagery that showed visitors in the museum in a way that felt more cinematic. Creative Director of Video Kyle Obriot and I scouted new images around the museum, looking to capture perspectives that visitors would recognize but that weren’t too overt or overused on social media. The imaging team took art direction from these images to take expertly crafted photographs that are now used across web, social, and print.

Design Guidelines

Area17 contributed to the initial draft of the digital guidelines, Aidan Fitzgerald and Jonathan Mathias contributed to the photography guidelines, and Elliot Pence collaborated on the email design guidelines.
At the conclusion of this project, we took the opportunity to merge this new design intent with other design documentation into comprehensive design guidelines. Slide through these samples of the brand guidelines I created for digital design, the museum shop, email design, and photography.

Slide through to see selected pages from the guidelines chapters.