She Does What She Wants

Stained Glass

Pictorial stained glass windows have historically been used as storytelling devices. Churchgoers are surrounded by depictions of religious figures, illuminated as models for their moral compass. I considered this in these pieces, which were an investigation into advice as a broad concept: where we seek it, whose wisdom holds credence, and how we manifest futures for ourselves while sitting peacefully in the present.

In this case, these two windows were inspired by a tarot reading—which I engage in less for its supernatural qualities and more as an exercise in speculating possible futures. Rife with symbolism that embody my life in Chicago, they hypothesize what it would mean to stay and build a life here and what it would mean for me to go elsewhere.

Special thanks to Judy McConnell, instructor for the Chicago Parks District Lincoln Park glass, metals, and lapidary studio who has taught me everything I know about glass and about how to be patient with glass.