One-Point Perspective


Leading up to being the artist-in-residence for the one-day Blueprint Residency, I was thinking a lot about space. I had just completed an interior architecture class and became much more astute to the language of space both literally—in the graphic language and renderings that architects use—and conceptually.

This piece considers how living spaces act as a self-portrait, projecting our desires while reflecting our lived reality. Meant to be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation, the grid projects my portrait into different planes—on the wall or on the floor—in a hypothetical space.

This piece was made while in residence at the Blueprint Residency. The only guidelines for the residency are that the piece must be completed in the course of one working day and that the final outcome is a series of prints on a blueprint machine. Jordan Knecht, who organizes and sustains the residency from his apartment, is on site to advise on the piece, assist with the printing, and to feed the artist three complete meals.

While I was able to bring outside materials, including the photograph used in the piece, the composition of the piece must be completely conceived and executed during the residency. Most of the composition was created using digital software, but the illustrative textural elements were created by taping materials on to the back of the printed piece, which cast shadows onto the blue print when it was exposed.

Special thanks to Jordan Knecht who consulted on this project and assisted in the printing, as well as to Alison Jean Cole who assisted in capturing the photograph featured in the piece.