One of the most interesting things about working on the website was the opportunity to get deeply acquainted with the business, service, and operational goals of the museum. These perspectives are an important complement to the educational components of the museum’s mission, as the website is as much a venue for driving visitation and building revenue as it is for engaging visitors with stories and artwork.

In January 2019, I was pulled into the redesign of our main admission space at our Michigan Ave entrance. This space is challenging because of the constraints of the historical architecture. My role was to create a strategy for the delivery of information at each stage of the visitor’s admission and orientation. Some of the challenges I faced included organizing different types of ticket holders, establishing a more welcoming way to educate visitors on rules and regulations, providing clarity on the complex ticketing options, and building pathways for upsells on exhibitions, membership, and other ticket packages. 

With this enriched point of view about service at the museum, I was able to bridge the expertise I was forming across digital and print projects to begin seeing design challenges at the museum holistically. A great example of this implementing a strategy across digital, print, and environmental touchpoints to promote our audio tours, produced in-house and delivered through our mobile app.